New Coastal’s holistic approach to health and wellness is now bolstered by partner EndoCanna Health Inc., the creator of the Endo-Aligned cannabinoid formulation approach, with the release of tinctures and softgels with proprietary blends.

“Our relationship with New Coastal provides an opportunity for EndoCanna Health to identify and develop optimal products for individual genotypes, while advancing the science CBD and genomics,” said Len May, CEO & Co-Founder of EndoCanna Health, Inc. “Using the Endo-dna patent pending bio-technology, we can identify and formulate a personalized CBD protocol tailored to an individual’s needs.”

The Endo-Aligned approach is featured in New Coastal’s line of tinctures and softgels. These formulations provide a system of product evaluation based on over 20 years of science and the analysis of individual DNA, as well as precision endocannabinoid medicine. The idea was created and developed based on genetic research, peer-reviewed scientific papers and real-world experience. It was conceived to remove the ambiguity and stress that most people feel when searching for the best CBD or cannabinoid for individual health and wellness goals.

Endo-Aligned formulations — as well as all the products taking advantage of this innovative concept — go hand-in-hand with New Coastal’s CBD DNA test. This groundbreaking endocompatibility test analyzes your unique DNA to predict how your endocannabinoid system will respond to different dosages, potencies and delivery of CBD.

Developed with these breakthrough genetic principles in mind, New Coastal’s tincture and soft gel products are made with custom Endo-Aligned formulations, based on the analysis of genotype groupings from 100 genetic biomarkers for targeted relief.

The tinctures and softgels are made with specific formulas to help with the three biggest ailments facing Americans today, including:

Muscle Soreness and Inflammation Support: The Endo-Aligned RELIEF formulation is designed to help you feel better faster.

Stress and Anxiousness Support: The Endo-Aligned RELAX formulation is designed to calm your nerves and clear your head.

Sleep Support: The Endo-Aligned REST formulation is designed to help you find the relaxation you need to get a better night’s rest.

Our tinctures and softgels use nano-emulsion to increase the absorption rate and maximize the bio-availability of ingredients, so you can use less and feel more. Each full-spectrum, proprietary formula is made with terpenes imported from Israel.

Following New Coastal’s stringent standards of quality and purity, all ingestibles are third-party tested for the presence of heavy metals, toxins, microbials or other harmful materials. Certificates of Analysis are available on the New Coastal site.

Source: Company Press Release