Teleflex Medical announced the signing of a distribution agreement with ResMed Corp. This agreement makes Teleflex Medical an exclusive distributor of the ResMed Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) mask portfolio for US acute care hospitals not affiliated with the Veterans Administration. The ResMed NIV mask portfolio expands Teleflex Medical’s offering which includes the ConchaTherm Neptune, a heated humidifier designed for use in NIV. The use of NIV has grown rapidly in recent years and this trend is expected to continue as facilities adopt protocols aimed at reducing Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP). VAP is the leading nosocomial infection in critically ill patients and the second most common hospital-associated infection. According to the recommendations made by the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA), general strategies that have been found to influence the risk of VAP include the use of non-invasive ventilation whenever possible. Studies have shown that NIV improves oxygenation and is well tolerated by patients with acute respiratory failure. By eliminating the need for endotracheal intubation in certain conditions, the result is fewer complications, shorter hospitals stays and as a result, reduced mortality rates and costs of care. The ResMed NIV masks are quick-fitting, high-performance products that have earned a reputation for being easy-to-use, secure-sealing and comfortable. These are all critical factors in ensuring patient or ventilator synchrony and effective ventilation. “We are pleased to join forces with Teleflex Medical, a global leader in medical products and solutions, to provide hospital customers with products that effectively serve their patients’ needs for comfortable, reliable, and efficient treatment systems,” said Allen Ehrlich, Director Product Management, Americas, ResMed Corp. “At Teleflex Medical, we seek strategic alliances with leading companies that can help us bring innovative products to our customers,” said Matthew Jennings, President, Teleflex Medical North America. “Working with ResMed expands our NIV portfolio and provides clinicians with access to a wider selection of respiratory products aimed at improving patient comfort and maximizing therapy compliance.”