NeuroLogica, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) approval for the use of Photon Counting Detector (PCD) technology with its OmniTom Elite CT scanner.

OmniTom Elite is a mobile computer tomography (CT) scanner designed to provide high-quality non-contrast CT, CT angiography, and CT perfusion scans at the point-of-care.

According to the company, OmniTom Elite scanner featuring PCD technology will enable to generate spectral CT images at multiple energy levels.

It will be the first FDA approved single-source photon counting CT scanner with single detector on a mobile system, said NeuroLogica.

Photon counting is said to enable sorting of different energies related to X-rays, after they have passed through the scan field.

NeuroLogica chief operating officer David Webster said: “Since the advent of the world’s first multi-slice mobile CT in 2004, we have always known that point-of-care imaging can improve patient outcomes and increase the likelihood of a better quality of life after a traumatic event.

“With the introduction of PCD technology to the OmniTom Elite platform, we look to expand the diagnostic possibilities of CT at the patient’s bedside.”

The single X-ray source coupled with PCD generates multiple sets of CT data that can be acquired at the same time, eliminating any cross talk between images.

The PCD technology facilitates CT data capture in multiple energy bands resulting in more precise visualisation of bone, blood clots, plaque, haemorrhage, and intracranial tumours.

The technology also has the potential to reduce the dose requirements, and fundamentally change the use of injected contrast.

According to NeuroLogica, OmniTom Elite is capable of providing real-time mobile imaging to administer point-of-care CT to critical patients.

It eliminates the need to transport the patients to a separate imaging department, along with reducing the time to diagnose and start treatment for the critical patients.

NeuroLogica manufactures its OmniTom Elite, and all other mobile CT product line in Danvers, Massachusetts, US.

Furthermore, the company is collaborating with MGH to pilot test the OmniTom Elite with PCD to monitor post-trauma and post-surgical patients.