Israeli medical imaging company Nanox has collaborated with CureMetrix to integrate the latter’s advanced AI diagnostics solution into its planned cloud-based software platform, the Nanox.CLOUD.

Nanox is engaged in developing a commercial-grade digital X-ray source designed to be used in real-world medical imaging applications.

In January, the company secured $26m in a funding round that saw participation from Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, to support the development, commercialisation, and deployment of its Nanox System.

Nanox.CLOUD is designed to deliver an end-to-end medical imaging service

The company has designed Nanox.CLOUD to deliver an end-to-end medical imaging service, including services such as image repository, radiologist matching, online and offline diagnostics review and annotation, connectivity to diagnostic assistive AI systems, billing and reporting.

Breast cancer detection screening exams are aimed at identifying breast abnormalities an early stage, since the chances for survival increases with the earlier the cancer detection.

Nanox said that difficulty and complexity in reading mammographic images at initial screening, along with the dense breast tissue, and the limited number of certified mammographers include the factors that limit the early detection of breast cancer.

CureMetrix has developed AI-based computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) solutions to address the challenges faced by radiologists in reading mammograms, and assist radiologists in detecting cancer.

The company’s cmAssist software was proven to correctly classify 70% of the biopsies as benign, in a recent study of biopsy benign cases.

Nanox founder and CEO Ran Poliakine said: “The planned integration of advanced AI technologies, such as those of CureMetrix, with our planned imaging platform aims to decrease diagnostic results turnaround time, increase diagnostic accuracy, and help radiologists deal with the rising screening demands and workload.

“We believe the decision assistive information that the CureMetrix AI provides will potentially help the radiologists who we expect to use our platform to deliver a faster, more accurate diagnosis to medical facilities and patients.”