MTF Biologics has expanded its wound care solutions with the introduction of Leneva allograft adipose matrix and SomaGen meshed-allograft dermal matrix.

The first-to-market tissue forms, which are developed to advances the treatment of complex surgical wounds, will facilitate tissue reconstruction and wound closure by offering protective coverage and promoting tissue integration.

MTF Biologics wound care vice president Kim Rounds said: “We are thrilled to add both Leneva and SomaGen Meshed to our portfolio of innovative natural wound care solutions to meet the needs of patients with chronic and complex wounds.

“The recurrence of chronic and complex wounds are painful and can be both life-threatening and costly to treat.”

Leneva allograft adipose matrix will be used in various tissue reconstruction procedures

Leneva is an all-natural and extracellular adipose matrix developed to be used in various tissue reconstruction procedures.

It can be used in the patient’s tissue reconstruction process, and offers an extracellular adipose matrix that acts as a scaffold for patient cells to create new fat.

Produced from donated human adipose, Leneva is aseptically processed to help final adipose matrix maintain sterility and the structural integrity of the tissue.

Leneva is free from residual lipid, cellular fragments and DNA content, and retains major matrix proteins such as Collagen IV and Collagen VI.

SomaGen Meshed is an acellular human reticular dermal allograft, which helps in the treatment of a variety of large and complex wounds.

SomaGen can expand up to 150% to accommodate wounds of various sizes. It can also be used for areas where skin has been taken to cover wounds on another part of the body.

MTF Biologics will exhibit SomaGen Meshed and Leneva at the 2019 Desert Foot Annual Multi-Disciplinary Limb Salvage and Wound Care Conference in Phoenix, which will take from 4 to 7 December.

MTF Biologics research and development vice president Dr Marc Long said: “We are proud to continue to harness the power of allograft tissue, and to branch out to create the world’s most well-rounded and innovative set of biologic solutions for treating even the most complex wounds.”