Medical technology company Motive Health officially introduced Motive Knee, which the company claims to be the only FDA-approved muscle stimulation device for knee pain.

Motive Knee, which is now offered without a prescription, has been clinically validated to relieve knee pain and enhance mobility by strengthening the quadriceps muscles.

The device, available at $399, treats knee pain by sending a precise electrical pulse to stimulate muscle movement, thus strengthening the quadriceps to alleviate knee joint pressure.

Unlike other devices that may temporarily reduce knee pain while in use, the device’s unique muscle therapy goes beyond masking the pain.

Motive Knee can be paired with the intuitive MyMotive App, which allows users to control their therapy levels, monitor progress and achieve mobility goals from their own homes.

Also, it offers long-lasting joint health and improved mobility with results that continue over time.

The device is transforming non-invasive knee pain management by bringing the company’s advanced technology directly to consumers, said the medical technology company.

Motive Health co-founder and Hospital for Special Surgery sports medicine surgeon Struan Coleman said: “Anyone who has experienced knee pain knows that it can feel like an endless cycle. Knee pain causes people to limit exercise and reduce movement, which leads to weaker quadriceps muscles and less support around the knee joint.

“Healthy quadriceps muscles are key in maintaining function and managing knee pain. Now, with Motive Knee, people will be able to take control of their recovery and get back to living full, active lives by breaking this cycle of pain.

“After years of clinical research and thousands of success stories from patients who’d previously been prescribed Motive therapy, I’m thrilled that millions of people will now have access to this life-changing knee pain relief technology.”

Motive Health, previously known as CyMedica Orthopedics, is a consumer health and wellness company that offers at-home, non-invasive therapy for lasting joint pain relief.

The company offers a non-invasive, non-opioid pain management solution that improves muscle strength while keeping individuals motivated in their journey to knee pain relief.

Its app-controlled muscle stimulation technology for knee pain management is clinically proven to reduce knee pain related to arthritis and improve function.

Motive Health president and CEO Rob Morocco said: “The direct-to-consumer launch of Motive Health is an exciting time not only for the company but for consumers who can now have access to lasting knee pain relief from home.

“Our technology is a game changer for anyone trying to get back to an active lifestyle that is limited by debilitating knee pain. We are delighted to make Motive Knee accessible to those in need through our new e-commerce platform.”