Medical devices and solutions provider Mindray Medical has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of new TE7 ACE point-of-care ultrasound system.

The new touch screen ultrasound system has been developed to deliver targeted solutions in different point-of-care scenarios such as anaesthesia, critical care and emergency.

The TE7 ACE point-of-care ultrasound system includes smart fluid management tools

Mindray’s new system includes complete disinfection solution, smart fluid management tools and safe needling toolkit. It enables clinicians to address various diagnostic challenges and make a quick decision.

The company said that the quick assessment will allow help make the fluid therapy plan and save lives in terms of managing patient body fluid.

The clinically proven advanced fluid measurement tools of TE7 ACE to speed up patient assessments efficiently, based on deep learning algorithms.

Mindray’s system features Smart VTI that will automatically calculate the velocity-time integral, cardiac output and stroke volume variation. The trending graph facilitates efficient recording and guides for fluid therapy.

The Smart IVC will automatically trace the IVC diameter change, as well as calculates the collapsibility index or distensibility index and IVC variation to evaluate volume status and responsiveness.

The Smart B-line will automatically calculate -lines number, percentage, and distance. It offers a particular visual scoring map for intuitive overall lung water assessment, helping to guide the fluid infusion and prevent pulmonary edema.

For improved needle guidance, the newly introduced L12-3VNs with three programmable buttons combines eSpacial Navi and remote control into one to help clinicians make puncture without touching the system

The eGateway connectivity solution also allows TE7 ACE to better fit into the existing hospital network and integrate patient’s clinical data collected from both ultrasound equipment and patient monitors for wiser clinical decision making.

In addition, the paperless process enhances productivity and minimises the risk of transcription errors.

Mindray medical imaging system business unit general manager Xujin He said: “Having identified the clinical challenges, Mindray developed this solution to empower clinicians with more confidence to focus on patient care.”

In September 2019, Mindray introduced new BeneHeart C Series automated external defibrillator (AED) to enhance resuscitation confidence.