Medical devices provider Mindray has introduced a new universally connected platform called M-Connect to enhance patient monitoring.

Designed to improve individual patient monitoring with an integrated IT solution, the M-Connect platform will allow medical providers to build a well-rounded healthcare ecosystem and enhance efficiency.

The M-Connect platform, which features various integrated IT solutions, will help connect patients, health providers, devices, and healthcare systems for improved visibility, streamlined workflows, and enhanced clinical decision-making.

Apart from enabling healthcare providers to allocate resources efficiently, the solutions are expected to allow clinicians to access patient data anytime and anywhere.

Mindray group vice president Dr Li Xinsheng said: “The intelligent world is arriving. 5G, AI, IoT, and other emerging technologies promise new possibilities, opportunities, and experiences for everyone, everywhere.

“M-Connect is shaping the future, inspiring a new age of connection, and connecting patients with their medical providers. Together, we can leverage the benefits of technology for the healthcare industry.”

Intended to enhance clinical decision-making and workflows, the M-Connect platform features smart tools such as 24-hour ECG summary and continuous blood pressure analysis to support clinicians efficiently deal with adverse events and diagnose and treat patients.

Mindray also stated that the platform enables to increase the management efficiency of medical devices and protect hospital investment.

Featuring Mindray IoT (M-IoT) technology, the universally connected platform is designed to gather information from all connected medical equipment.

In addition, it provides equipment statistical analysis, and output the distribution and usage of equipment in various departments in a graphical manner.

By integrating complete data from all medical devices, M-Connect helps healthcare professionals comprehensively analyse patient data and build better treatment strategies across the whole patient journey.

In January this year, Mindray introduced new VS 9 and VS 8 vital signs monitors to help improve spot check patient monitoring capabilities.