The VS Series is designed to deliver vital sign measurements at rapid speeds to maximise patient comfort and safety


Mindray has launched new VS 9 and VS 8 vital signs monitors. (Credit: PRNewswire / Mindray)

Healthcare technology company Mindray has expanded its VS Series product portfolio with the introduction of new VS 9 and VS 8 vital signs monitors.

Available in Europe, Australia and other selected regions, the new vital signs monitors will help improve spot check patient monitoring capabilities.

From inpatient admissions to spot checks, Mindray VS Series facilitates covering of routine observations to help medical staff deliver patient-centric care.

The company’s monitors address the challenges faced by nurses in recording and filing vital signs in detail for each patient to monitor patient status accurately and timely.   The challenges may include increased workload and the risk of error caused by manual transcription.

Mindray stated that the VS Series delivers accurate vital sign measurements at quick speeds, thereby enabling to enhance patient comfort, clinical efficiency and patient safety.

Featuring patented technologies, Mindray’s TrueBP measurement captures precise NIBP value within 15 seconds. The TrueResp measurement is said to record a patient’s respiration rate (RR) automatically from the SpO2 finger sensor.

With a 10.1″ touch screen to support swapping and switching between parameters, workflow profiles and assessment tools, the VS 9 facilitates a flexible and fully customisable range of observation profiles for various patient groups.

Mindray VS Series features automated early warning score

Mindray VS Series also features an integrated automated early warning score (EWS) solution to calculate patient scores and offer customisable escalation messages to support timely clinical interventions.

To help clinicians to monitor patient status from anywhere, the patient’s EWS scores are also allowed to be incorporated into the EWS dashboard at CMS.

According to the company, the VS 9 can be connected to the integrated CMS to help medical staff to monitor patient data from spot check and continuous monitoring at the same time.

In addition, the Mindray M-IoT Device Manager offers complete status and diagnostics of all Mindray vital signs devices and other Mindray products across the hospital, helping to enhance the clinical efficiency of their devices.

Recently, Mindray Medical has launched a new TE7 ACE point-of-care ultrasound system to deliver targeted solutions in different point-of-care scenarios such as anaesthesia, critical care and emergency.