Medical devices manufacturer Millar plans to advance its pressure-volume (PV) loop technology by combining its catheter solutions with Transonic Scisense’s Admittance-based PV loop systems.

In order to support the exit of Transonic Scisense from the life sciences market, Millar has agreed to build replacement solutions for the former’s customers. The latter will also guide the ADVantage system into the future.

Transonic Systems acquired Scisense in 2011 to create Transonic-Scisense and advance its PV loop research.

Together with its distributor ADInstruments, Millar will provide researchers with options for collecting pressure measurements and PV loops by combining the technologies.

Millar said that the combination will also allow researchers to continue having access to advanced pressure and PV catheters and systems to meet industry application demands.

This alignment shows the evolution of PV loop technology while providing continued support for existing customers, said the company.

Millar CEO Tim Daugherty said: “We understand the complexities involved in adapting to market changes and we are pleased to align with Transonic Scisense as we collectively advance PV Loop technology into the future.

“Millar is planning to expand manufacturing resources to accommodate the expected increase in global catheter volume and we are committed to supporting both Transonic Scisense and their valued customers throughout this transition.”

Millar will offer its resources and expertise to ensure a seamless transition for Transonic Scisense’s present customers.

Through the collaboration with ADInstruments, a professional team will provide continued support, understanding, and solutions designed to suit the needs of each client impacted by the change.

Millar and ADInstruments will continue to produce and distribute the pressure and PV catheter technology to the global market.

Transonic Systems CEO Miriam Tenorio said: “We’re pleased to partner with Millar during this transition. We value their history in the life sciences community as the gold-standard in pressure sensor-enabled products.

“Aligning with Millar signifies our shared dedication to customer satisfaction, and we will continue to work closely together to ensure a smooth and successful transition for all parties involved.”

During the transition period, Millar will evaluate interim solutions to aid existing users of Transonic Scisense’s technology. Additionally, ADInstruments will continue to offer sales and support for the product line.