MEDx (Suzhou) Translational Medicine has collaborated with genomic medicine company Lucence for the development of cancer-care tests.

As part of the strategic partnership, the companies will co-develop cancer-care tests, which are believed to benefit both patients and pharmaceutical companies.

The partnership will use the capabilities of MEDx’s biomarker discovery, cancer molecular diagnostics, sequencing, and bioinformatics platforms, and Lucence’s advanced technology platform in the development of novel cancer-care tests, enabling to expand presence in the precision medicine industry.

MEDx (Suzhou) Translational Medicine CEO and chairman Dr Nick Zhang said: “Immunotherapy is becoming more and more popular for drug development and personalized medicine in China.

“A good companion diagnosis is needed to complement immunotherapy. We believe through this strategic partnership with Lucence, we will achieve better outcomes for cancer diagnosis and treatment selection for cancer patients.”

MEDx offers complete solutions for precision medicine / personalised healthcare through translational science.

The company provides its partners with fully integrated solutions ranging from biomarker discovery and development to companion diagnostics (CDx) product development.

Lucence is a Singapore-based genomic medicine company

Lucence is a Singapore-based genomic medicine company engaged in the development of non-invasive blood tests for the improvement of cancer detection and treatment selection.

Lucence founder and CEO Dr Min-Han Tan said:  “The complementary strengths of Lucence and MEDx to co-develop cancer-care tests in China will ensure that patients have access to non-invasive, cost-effective, faster and better diagnosis.

“With our steadfast focus on reducing avoidable cancer deaths, coupled with MEDx’s deep experience and wide presence in China, we are confident that this partnership will drive better cancer care in China.”

Recently, Sherlock Biosciences has collaborated with Mologic for the development of instrument-free molecular diagnostic tests that can work in low-resource settings and within the home.

The partnership will combine Sherlock’s synthetic biology platform with Mologic’s advanced lateral flow expertise for the development of simple and advanced molecular diagnostic tests for use at the point of need.