MedLever is pleased to announce the release of a new solution built on the MedLever Platform for workflow automation and interoperability. To bring this unique offering to market, MedLever partnered with Legion Healthcare Partners and incorporated Legion’s center development know-how, patient acquisition, and prior authorization expertise.

MedLever’s solutions are designed to manage workflow across the full patient care cycle for both in-clinic and remote staffing paradigms. This specific MedLever solution is geared to support the administrative and revenue cycle needs of radiation oncology and proton therapy from the time of referral through insurance approval.

“The insurance authorization process is labyrinthine and forces an undue hardship upon clinicians and their teams,” said MedLever Founder and CEO,¬†Jacob Philip. “Using MedLever, Legion designed a comprehensive multi-stage workflow to model, track, and monitor patients through the complex and often nonlinear referral and prior authorization process. Now with health systems keen to manage labor costs and improve the productivity of their remote teams, we provide the solutions to achieve both.”

MedLever’s solution provides an innovative digital tracking and monitoring system that works across payors and software systems. Tracking begins with the new patient referral and concludes with financial clearance and authorization for treatment. Complex insurance appeal activities, time-sensitive notifications to responsible teams, and visual alerts for delayed or overdue tasks are just a few available features. MedLever’s interactive digital whiteboard provides awareness throughout the health system to ensure clear, precise, and timely patient treatment support. The solution also provides leadership with operational insight, analyses to improve processes, and approval rate statistics by diagnosis and payor.

“Teaming up to offer this product with MedLever is a game-changer for institutions wanting to optimize their prior authorization workflow,” adds¬†Matthew Palmer, COO and President of Legion Healthcare Partners. “At Legion, our mission is to improve access for cancer patients. Unfortunately, a big hurdle for patients and physicians is getting the patient approved by the insurer in a timely manner. With MedLever’s workflow management system, we are taking the guesswork out of the process and making the process fully transparent and data-driven.”

This data-driven product incorporates the ability to automate document generation, adapt documentation based on changes to federal rules and insurance policies, and create strategies to maximize insurance claims based on medical policy, diagnosis, and modality. By integrating MedLever’s proven clinical module with this newly developed prior authorization solution, all care components are aligned in one unique design. This MedLever and Legion solution enables better communication between teams and seamlessly connects both access and service professionals. This new solution reduces delays, improves the patient’s care journey, and provides clinicians the ability to manage their workload effectively.

Source: Company Press Release