Israeli medical device maker Medinol has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its EluNIR-PERL drug-eluting stent (DES) system to treat coronary artery disease.

EluNIR-PERL is the latest coronary stent in its EluNIR family of DES products and builds on the company’s existing EluNIR DES system.

The system comes with four radiopaque markers, two at each end of the stent, and a radiopaque catheter tip made of hybrid polymer-metal.

Its unique features facilitate superior visualisation during PCI procedures including navigation through complex anatomies and placement of the stent, said the medical device maker.

Medinol CEO Yoram Richter said: “We are pleased to bring technologies to the US that focus both on the benefit to patients as well as unique and meaningful advantages to surgeons, allowing for precise stent placement, shorter procedure times and reduced radiation exposure.”

EluNIR-PERL is the company’s seventh-generation stent and features a unique stent design that leverages its unique CoCr framework.

The CoCr framework comprises struts with varying widths and integrates radiopaque markers into the structure of the stent system.

In addition, the stent also features a specialised radiopaque-enhanced metal spring tip intended for navigating through complex anatomies.

The advanced design features would enable physicians with accurate positional information and precise stent placement during PCI procedures, said the medical device company.

Medinol intends to commercialise the EluNIR-PERL in the US, exclusively through CoSo Health, a healthcare supply and logistics company that distributes and sells medical devices.

Building on its sales rep-light model, advanced cloud-based logistics platform and customised delivery model, CoSo Health is said to reduce waste from the supply chain.

CoSo Health CEO Jae Lee said: “We are proud to distribute one of the world’s best drug-eluting stents via our intuitive and easy-to-use SaaS+ platform, which reduces layers in the supply chain.”