Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan in co-operation with BizLink Group and Japan Biotechno Pharma (JBP) has introduced iPMx Molecular Rapid Test System for Covid-19 in Japan.

The rapid test system has been developed by ITRI with the backing from the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C. (MOEA).

It has secured a sales and manufacturing license from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

ITRI said that the rapid test system is expected to further expand its applications and improve its presence in hospitals and medical facilities abroad.

The iPMx Molecular Rapid Test System has four features high precision of over 90%, high sensitivity to virus, lightweight & mobile in comparison to traditional devices and high efficiency in terms of time to complete one test.

The system is claimed to have obtained 100% accurate results in the Covid-19 Proficiency Test of the Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics (QCMD) in July 2020.

DoIT director-general Chyou-Huey Chiou said: “The entry of iPMx into the Japan market takes Taiwan’s pandemic prevention technology to a new stage.

“The MOEA will continue to support ITRI in further development of a next-gen all-in-one Covid-19 analyser and testing reagent kit, looking forward to more international cooperation opportunities that bring the biomedical industry to the next level.

“ITRI will also work with JBP to introduce the testing kit to the U.S., Europe, and South-East Asia markets.”

ITRI executive vice president Alex Y.M. Peng said: “ITRI has actively sought international cooperation on epidemic prevention technology since the pandemic began. It contracted with JBP in October 2020 for clinical trials and distribution for iPMx.

“JBP completed the trials in June 2021 and has recently obtained a sales and manufacturing license to officially begin sales in the Japanese market.

“The compact design of iPMx makes it easy to be sent to locations throughout Japan for first-line infection prevention, boosting Japan’s capacities in preventing the spread of Covid-19.”