Medical technology firm Imperative Care has expanded its Zoom Stroke Solution product portfolio with the introduction of new Zoom POD aspiration tubing for stroke treatment.

Zoom Stroke Solution is Imperative Care’s ischemic stroke product portfolio, which consists of Zoom 88 large distal platform for neurovascular access, four Zoom Aspiration catheters in various sizes and the Zoom Pump with accessories.

The Zoom POD is claimed to be the first and only sterile field clot filter device that helps in quick clot capture during critical mechanical thrombectomy procedures for ischemic stroke patients.

It is incorporated into the aspiration tubing to reduce the distance from aspiration to filtration while maintaining full aspiration power.

By positioning within the sterile field, the physician has an option to immediately view the clot as it is extracted from the patient.

It helps physician to rapidly confirm clot capture and have control over the mechanical thrombectomy procedure.

Imperative Care president and COO Daniel Davis said: “We are committed to providing value not only with our advanced catheters but also by innovating and optimising each component of the Zoom Stroke Solution.

“The Zoom POD simplifies and speeds up a critical part of the procedure, providing an immediate visual in the hands of the physician, and confirming successful retrieval of the clot.”

The Zoom Stroke Solution is said to be the complete stroke system from access through reperfusion for rapid and better clot removal for patients with acute ischemic stroke.

The company has designed all of its catheters with the TRX tip that offers 15% more clot engagement area at the tip of the catheter. They are designed to facilitate smooth tracking through challenging vasculature.

In July last year, Imperative Care secured $260m in Series D financing to accelerate its technologies in stroke care.