New York-based Innovative Health Sciences (IHS) has secured CE mark approval for its Insignis syringe infusion system.

The approval allows to market the Insignis syringe infusion system for the customers across the European Union.

Insignis is claimed to be the first combination of intravenous and subcutaneous non-electric infusion pump developed for use with a selectable rate flow controller called the IV Controller and the OneSett.

Designed for intravenous administration, the Insignis system addresses the need for a portable and non-electric infusion pump to precisely deliver medications from KVO up to 250ml/hr with a direct reading selectable rate flow controller.

The OneSett features a selectable rate flow controller attached directly to a subcutaneous needle set for subcutaneous applications.

It allows the user to choose the flow rate ranging from 10ml to 60ml with the turn of a dial. The flow rate showed on the dial will be delivered to each needle site without any calculation.

According to the company, the IHS infusion system enables to address almost every infusion therapy need and holds the potential to support intermittent and pause dosing, making it suitable for lengthy low-volume hospital infusions.

IHS founder, chairman and CTO Andrew Sealfon said: “The IHS system represents a paradigm shift in simplicity, excellence, cost effectiveness, usability and patient-centered design.”

Innovative Health Sciences is involved in the development of innovative solutions to the infusion healthcare market.