US-based wellness brand Hyperice has added two new products called Venom Go and Venom 2 to its heat therapy range along with HyperHeat technology for relieving sore, stiff muscles and boosting wellness.

Venom Go, which is a heat and vibration wearable, features a control pod that magnetically attaches to an adhesive pad. It can be directly placed on the skin.

Reusable for nearly 20 to 40 times, Venom Go pads have a surface area of 13.5 square inches which allows users to get direct treatment to more areas of the body, claimed Hyperice.

According to the wellness brand, users can choose between three levels of heat as well as three levels of vibration by using the button control on the pod.

Venom Go can reach up to 113°F in 90 seconds after application to the skin or 20 seconds prior to application to the skin.

Weighing nearly 91gms, the Venom Go control pod and pad have a battery life of up to 60 minutes. It is USB rechargeable and is ideal for usage when travelling, said the company.

The heat and massage wrap can be controlled through the Hyperice App by using Bluetooth connection. This allows users to sync more than one pod to give customised spot treatments to various body parts.

Hyperice said that the second product, Venom 2 is available in variants for the back, leg, and shoulders with a new silicone surface.

Weighing 907gms, Venom 2 has increased the whole heating surface by 111% compared to the original Venom wearable.

Hyperice stated that Venom 2 warms to 131°F in less than a minute, which is four times quicker than Venom and six times faster than a conventional heating pad.

It has a battery life of up to three hours on a full charge and can be controlled via the Hyperice App using Bluetooth.

The HyperHeat technology introduced by the company is said to provide a quicker, more consistent dispersion of heat across a larger surface area.

Hyperice CEO Jim Huether said: “The new Venom Go is a revolutionary product for us as it widens the application of our Venom technology and addresses the need for a powerful heat and vibration solution for spot treatment.

“It’s been six years since the debut of heat and vibration technology from Hyperice, we’ve now significantly enhanced the Venom user experience and added our patented HyperHeat technology, all while staying true to the core elements of the original product that made people fall in love with it.”