Korean mental healthcare startup HoneyNaps is set to launch a digital therapeutic business for the treatment of insomnia, a common sleep disorder.

The new business will also involve in the monitoring, analysis and diagnosing inter-sleep bio-signals.

HoneyNaps’ digital therapeutic platform includes an artificial intelligence (AI) software called Somnum to diagnose sleep diseases; a non-contact sleep analysis and coaching solution known as My Somnum; and an insomnia digital treatment called Somnum Medella.

Asan Medical Center (AMC) Korea’s department of psychiatry sleep disorder specialist and professor Seockhoon Chung said: “I expect that clinically effective therapeutic agents will be developed through the sleep disorder research that is being conducted.”

Digital therapeutic platforms are software medical devices (SaMDs) that focus on the prevention, management and treatment of disorders or diseases.

The applied technologies consist of diverse types, including AI and virtual augmented reality, suitable for use in various medical fields by replacing or parallelising medicines, stated HoneyNaps.

According to the company, insomnia digital therapy is based on cognitive-behavioral treatments suggested as the primary solution for insomnia patients.

HoneyNaps technology planning team head Kevin Ahn said: “We have studied meta verse-based technologies to maximize therapeutic effects in conjunction with the sleep data measurement and diagnostic technologies held by HoneyNaps.

“Somnum Medella, a digital treatment for HoneyNaps, is currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is in talks with Big Pharma for copyright contracts and global commercialisation.”

In November this year, HoneyNaps has announced that it will launch its one-to-one personalised sleep care SOMNUM Scanning Service in early 2022.