HepQuant, a Greenwood Village, Colorado-based company with a unique, patented and patent-pending blood-based technology for evaluating the function of the liver, today announced that it will now offer test administration options for clinical sites via Coram Clinical Trials. The liver tests can be administered in Coram ambulatory infusion suites or via Coram’s in-home services for study subjects participating in clinical trials requiring ongoing monitoring of liver function.

“HepQuant aims to make the testing experience better for sponsors, better for clinical research sites, and better for subjects in clinical trials,” said Dr. Greg Everson, CEO/CMO of HepQuant. “By offering administration solutions through Coram Clinical Trials, we hope to reduce the overall operational burden of testing in clinical trials. Our goals are to optimize flexibility, enhance convenience for subjects, reduce site burden, increase recruitment and retention, and increase efficiency for sponsors and sites. Utilizing Coram Clinical Trials should also standardize administration techniques and equipment, and normalize administration costs.”

HepQuant is now working with its SHUNT-V pivotal study sites to use Coram Clinical Trials for administration of its liver tests, and in the future will expand use and administration in other upcoming clinical trials. Coram Clinical Trials is an affiliate of CVS Specialty Coram Infusion Services. Coram works with study sponsors, such as HepQuant, to provide clinical trial management support services, including patient recruitment, nursing and pharmacy care, and study protocol compliance.

Source: Company Press Release