Healthcare technology firm Gofire has launched its metered-dose Inhaler, following approximately five years of research, development, refinement, and testing.

According to the company, the Inhaler features advanced technologies that transform the delivery of inhaled, vaporised medicine.

Gofire said that its technology physically extrudes the medicine from the cartridge through a thermal barrier and into a separate convection oven for vaporisation.

The Inhaler eliminates the commonly used practice of re-heating the oil for each inhale, which may degrade the medicine and lead to contaminate the oil with harmful compounds.

Gofire CEO Peter Calfee said: “Consumers are rightfully concerned about contaminants in medicine like heavy metals, as well as additives like Vitamin E Acetate and Propylene Glycol.

“We understood five years ago that these issues could create dangerous health concerns in vaporizers, and it’s exactly why we’ve spent the time and resources to develop a pulmonary drug delivery platform that eliminates these issues.”

Gofire Inhaler has dose completion detection feature

The Vapor detection feature of the device alerts the user when a dose is complete or the medicine to be inhaled is still remaining in the oven, to ensure precise dosing in each use.

Gofire said that it has designed the device to feature the SmartCartridge technology, made from FDA-approved, BPA-free, Class VI pharmaceutical-grade plastics, to prevent heavy metals leaching.

In addition, the cartridge is equipped with a microchip that facilitates the users to view the chemical profile of the medicine in the Gofire App, enabling them to know what they are inhaling.

Furthermore, the inhaler features precise temperature convection heating technology to provide convection vaporisation that prevents the accumulation of carcinogens, and the Inhaler is compatible with loose-leaf and extract materials.

Gofire stated: “As part of its rigorous development process, the Gofire Inhaler has been proving itself as an effective tool for medical dose management throughout 2019.

“In March, Gofire launched its Beta Testing Program with 60 patients using the Inhaler to manage a wide variety of conditions.

“In July Colorado State University and Gofire announced the launch of a three-stage clinical trials study, becoming the first study in the nation to utilize objective, precise technology to accurately evaluate plant-based medicine intake, record chemical profiles and to monitor health outcomes.”