Medical technology and digital solutions provider GE Healthcare has launched its new ultrasound system Voluson SWIFT, to help the women’s health professionals expand their diagnostic capabilities.

The system has been designed with an ergonomic design, superior image quality, and tools to improve efficiency, along with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to support the auto recognition.

The new Voluson SWIFT ultrasound system features an embedded AI platform, dubbed SonoLyst application, claimed to the first fully integrated AI tool capable of recognising the 20 views recommended by the International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

The medical device maker said that the new ultrasound device is designed to facilitate foetal imaging, and optimise the scan workflow by 73% than manual 2D workflow.

Kinderwunschzentrum gynecologist Ralf Menkhaus said: “The Voluson SWIFT is intuitive to use and comes with many options to personalize your preferences on the system and auto-measurement tools that allow you to focus on the examination rather than time-consuming adjustments.

“It’s like the machine is helping do some of the thinking for you which has allowed me to seamlessly integrate it for any obstetric and gynecological exams I need to do.”

Voluson SWIFT system is designed by collecting input from 200 women’s health professionals

GE Healthcare said that the new Voluson SWIFT has been developed based on input from 200 women’s health professionals across the world, to improve clinical outcomes.

The new features are expected to enable users customise the system according to their personal preferences, which includes guided workflows to help new users learn the technology and use it.

The system’s Scan Assistant tool will help clinicians follow protocols and reduce up to 45% of time required for patient scanning, using simplified workflow and create own user protocols.

The advanced system offers enhanced SonoBiometry measurements, which are 38% faster compared to previous platforms and three additional measurements, making the Voluson SWIFT provide 60% additional automated offering.

Developed based on the company’s Edison intelligence platform, the SonoCNS tool on the Voluson SWIFT system is said to help reduce keystrokes by 78% when obtaining desired planes and measurements of the foetal central nervous system (CNS).

GE Healthcare women’s health ultrasound general manager Roland Rott said: “Voluson SWIFT has redefined one of the most essential tools obstetrics and gynecology clinicians rely on, delivering a contemporary design, intuitive user interface, and intelligent workflow supported by AI.

“In today’s environment where cleanliness and time savings opportunities are critical for clinicians, we’re proud to offer a solution that makes our customers’ work easier and gives them time back with their patients.”