Medical technology company GE Healthcare has expanded its ultrasound product portfolio with the introduction of new Venue Fit ultrasound system.

The company has also launched a new artificial intelligence (AI) offering for cardiac imaging on the Venue and Venue Go, in addition to the streamlined and compact POCUS system.

Claimed to be the smallest system in GE Healthcare’s Venue portfolio, the Venue Fit features an easy-to-clean touchscreen and advanced scanning tools. Its small footprint enables to fit in tight spaces generally found in point-of-care settings.

GE’ POCUS system, which offers portability and real-time images, allows clinicians to rapidly triage and monitor patients in and outside of Covid wards.

GE Healthcare is also offering new software applications such as RealTime EF, Lung Sweep and Renal Diagram.

RealTime EF is said to be the industry’s first AI tool, which is designed to continuously calculate the heart’s real-time ejection fraction during live scanning with an integrated quality indicator.

It will allow users to know when they have an adequate view to generate accurate measurements of the critical cardiac measurement.

Lung Sweep is a rapid visualisation tool designed to offer a dynamic panoramic view of the entire lung.

It will automatically activate at the start of each sweep when the probe is tapped on the body and deactivate at the end of each sweep when the probe is lifted.

The Auto B-lines tool is suitable for use in conjunction with Lung Sweep to showcase B-lines over the entire panoramic view and display the frame with the most B-lines per rib space.

Renal Diagram is a a simplified and intelligent documentation tool, which enables clinicians to select labels from a prepopulated list that correlates with the images captured.

GE Healthcare point of care ultrasound general manager Dietmar Seifriedsberger said: “This past year we’ve seen point of care ultrasound take a prominent place at the bedside for clinicians, driven by its intuitive design and AI-powered diagnostic prowess.

“Understanding healthcare’s growing resource constraints and the challenges of today’s world, we’re expanding our Venue Family and offerings to help improve our customer’s workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence.”

Recently, GE Healthcare has also introduced new wireless and pocket-sized ultrasound device called Vscan Air.