US-based medical technology company GE HealthCare has signed a joint commercialisation agreement with AirStrip, a clinical surveillance technology company of NantWorks.

Under the terms of the agreement, GE HealthCare will exclusively distribute AirStrip’s cardiology and patient monitoring solutions in the US.

AirStrip provides a unique native mobile application that helps clinicians visualise clinical data on mobile devices and the web, using a single touch.

It allows clinicians to access cardiac rhythm strips and 12-lead ECGs, view multiple patients, receive STEMI notifications, and communicate with the care team, among others.

The collaboration will combine AirStrip’s advanced data visualisation and monitoring capabilities with GE HealthCare’s advanced ECG, cardiac output, and patient monitoring products.

It will create an integrated solution that allows clinicians to view patient data from a distance and view multiple patients on one screen in the order of priority.

The collaboration will focus on optimising in-patient care solutions and provide a combined offering that enhances clinical staff productivity, collaboration, and communication.

AirStrip CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong said: “We are thrilled to advance our collaboration with GE HealthCare by committing to a much deeper integration between their exceptional patient monitoring and our mobile and web clinical surveillance.

“Leveraging GE HealthCare’s platform, we will be able to offer a joint solution that empowers clinical teams to receive clinical and vital signs information remotely in near real-time and effectively deal with constraints on clinical resources while enhancing clinicians’ user experiences.”

GE HealthCare, as part of its Reimagining Better Health study, surveyed 2,000 clinicians and thousands of other participants across eight countries.

The study results showed that 61% of clinicians believe that technology supports decision-making, and 54% of clinicians agree that technology enables faster health interventions.

Also, 55% of clinicians believe that technology helps improve operational efficiency.

The collaboration allows healthcare systems to benefit from access to GE HealthCare’s Outcomes Delivery Team, which offers programme management support.

The healthcare systems can also work with the Outcomes Delivery Team during the purchasing process to establish performance benchmarks and evaluate results, said GE HealthCare.

GE HealthCare US and Canada president and CEO Catherine Estrampes said: “Our expanded collaboration underscores our commitment to listen closely to the needs of our clinicians and deliver world-class solutions.

As an independent company broadening our relationship with AirStrip, there is unlimited opportunity to advance the future of real-time and remote patient monitoring.

“Our unified solution is less manual, enabling clinicians to manage workloads more efficiently, easing the way to improved patient care. This is critically important in the current environment of clinician shortages and burnout.”