GE Healthcare has secured 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Critical Care Suite of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms embedded on a mobile X-ray device.

The AI algorithms, developed in collaboration with UC San Francisco (UCSF) using GE Healthcare’s Edison platform, will enable radiologists to minimise turn-around time to review a type of collapsed lung called pneumothorax.

The system will automatically analyse the images by simultaneously searching for a pneumothorax, when a patient is scanned on a device with Critical Care Suite.

When pneumothorax is suspected, an alert along with the original chest X-ray will be sent directly to the radiologist for review through picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

The technologist will also secure a subsequent on-device notification for the prioritisation of the cases.

Quality-focused AI algorithms simultaneously analyse and flag protocol and field of view errors, in addition to auto rotation of the images on-device.

Critical Care Suite and algorithms developed using GE Healthcare’s Edison platform

Developed using GE Healthcare’s Edison platform, Critical Care Suite and the algorithms can be deployed on GE Healthcare’s Optima XR240amx system.

GE Healthcare’s algorithms will help generate AI results within seconds of image acquisition for critical findings.

GE Healthcare X-ray president and CEO Jie Xue said: “Currently, 62 percent of exams are marked ‘STAT’ or for urgent reading1, but they aren’t all critical. This creates a delay in turnaround for truly critical patients, which can be a serious issue.

“Not only does Critical Care Suite flag images with a suspected pneumothorax with impressive accuracy and enable radiologists to prioritize those cases immediately, but it also makes AI accessible.”

In June this year, GE Healthcare has entered into a strategic collaboration with Nyansa to distribute and support the Nyansa Voyance AIOps platform for health care customers.

The alliance will offer advanced analytics solution to enable biomed and IT professionals to address complex mission-critical networks and network-connected patient care devices.