Fujifilm has expanded its Eluxeo Ultra endoscopy product portfolio with the introduction of a new ColoAssist PRO real-time endoscope visualisation system.

The real-time endoscope visualisation system enables clinicians to visualise the configuration of the endoscope during a procedure.

In addition, the system helps healthcare professionals to efficiently and precisely manoeuvre the colonoscope inside the patient.

ColoAssist PRO is designed to work in combination with the existing Eluxeo platform and a colon polyp detection and characterisation function utilising AI technology called CAD EYE.

By working together in combination with those, the system will provide enhanced support to the operator and deliver Fujifilm’s comprehensive package for endoscopists, Fujifilm said.

Using electromagnetic coils that are incorporated within the Transceiver Dish, ColoAssist PRO generates an electromagnetic field received by coils integrated within the dedicated colonoscope and the Hand Marker.

The electromagnetic field will help determine the position of the endoscope’s coil when inside the patient. Subsequently, it reproduces a graphical model of the endoscope alongside the physicians endoscopic view.

ColoAssist PRO also features a colour gradation function, which allows endoscopists to efficiently detect overlapping parts of the endoscope such as loop formations.

It helps to safely move the endoscope and continue the procedure to avoid discomfort for the patient.

Fujifilm Europe business manager Mat Tallis said: “Fujifilm’s new function, ColoAssist PRO, allows clinicians to see the endoscope configuration in real time during the intubation, by reproducing a graphical model of the endoscope.

“The endoscope visualisation system has the potential to increase confidence and efficiency of endoscopists, by enabling the identification of loop formations, enabling better decision making by the endoscopist and subsequently reduce the patient burden during the procedures. It also has the potential to decrease the time needed for an endoscopy.”

Eluxeo Ultra is one of the first endoscopy platforms from the company for the detection and characterisation of lesions in real-time.

The platform is designed to accommodate a range of future tools and technologies to better serve the patients.