French assistive tech firm FACIL’iti has launched its new dyslexia solutions app MYdys to enable adults and children with dyslexia to customise captured textual content from a range of mediums.

MYdys is said to be the first-of-its-kind, free dyslexia app that makes use of optical character recognition (OCR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. It adapts to the different needs of people with dyslexia, said FACIL’iti.

According to the firm, the app will support people with dyslexia disorder in their daily lives. It will enable them to click pictures of a text on any medium and customise its display to meet their needs.

FACIL’iti said that MYdys has a personalised list of features like adjustable font size and spacing of words and lines. It highlights and colour-codes the letters and numbers that are most commonly inverted.

The app can translate over 21 languages with the potential for 50 plus additional languages in future, the assistive tech firm claimed. It is also compatible with complex alphabets of Latin, Russian, and Hebrew languages.

It can also change the background or font colour for contrast, and predefined colour themes with an additional feature of voice synthesis of text, FACIL’iti added.

FACIL’iti CEO Frédéric Sudraud said: “From the success and widespread global adoption of our web solution, it has been clear to us that there is a need for greater accessibility and inclusivity when it comes to online browsing, but we wanted to help those with offline day-to-day challenges as well.

“With MYdys, we are making a tangible difference and improving everyday experiences for those with dyslexia, providing them with more autonomy in accessing general information in all of their activities, whether they be professional, educational, or leisure.”

MYdys has a one-click configuration that enables quick, real-time use, and provides a simple user experience to access a complex suite of adjustments.