Medical device company Exactech has introduced its Equinoxe stemless shoulder replacement system in Europe.

Dr Mark Tauber from Athos Klinik, located in Munich of Germany, has performed the first anatomic total shoulder surgery in Europe using the company’s bone-conserving and 3D-printed shoulder replacement system.

In a statement, Tauber said: “I’ve used stemless implants with various systems since 2007, so I know what we are talking about and have to congratulate Exactech for this product. The user-friendly instrumentation and implant design features made a really convincing impression regarding primary stability.”

In 2018, the company had launched the Equinoxe stemless shoulder system in the US.

Exactech has produced the Equinoxe stemless shoulder replacement system using direct metal 3D printing with high precision lasers. The process enabled to create the porous bone cage.

The company has designed the humeral component’s bone cage structure for initial press-fit and biologic fixation.

Exactech international sales senior vice president Bruce Thompson said: “We are thrilled to offer this innovative product to our European partners, surgeons and patients.

“We hope this implant helps many patients get back to what they love, and we look forward to supporting our sales team members and surgeon customers.”

The products’ additional features consist of the humeral component’s optimised pore size, count and porosity, as well as surgical efficiency through its single instrument tray.

Surgeons can also use the system along with the Equinoxe shoulder system’s standard and augmented glenoid solutions.

Exactech stated that it plans to roll out additional inventory throughout rest of the year.

In August this year, Exactech announced first surgeries using its new Newton soft tissue management technology.

Exactech is engaged in the development and marketing of orthopaedic implant devices, related surgical instruments. It offers Active Intelligence platform of smart technologies to hospitals and physicians.