US-based EndoSound and single-use endoscopy solutions provider AdaptivEndo have signed a letter of intent to partner to improve the landscape of endoscopy using new advanced technologies.

EndoSound is focused on the development of endoscopic ultrasound technology. It has a patented design that helps convert an upper endoscope into a fully functional endoscopic ultrasound technology (EUS) scope.

Under the partnership, both companies will expand EndoSound’s ultrasound technology into the single-use endoscopy space to enhance the safety of patients and boost access to care.

The successful completion of an in-vivo porcine animal lab recently marked a key milestone in the partnership between both firms. In this trial, the teams proved they could perform EUS using a single-use AdaptivEndo gastroscope and duodenoscope.

According to the ultrasound technology developer, the procedure was the first of its kind EUS/ ERCP procedure using a singular EUS/ERCP device.

EndoSound CEO Steve Steinberg said: “The successful in-vivo lab represents a significant leap forward in the field of endoscopy.

“We are thrilled to partner with AdaptivEndo, a company known for its dedication to innovation and patient safety.

“Together, we envision a future where healthcare professionals can perform EUS procedures confidently and conveniently with single-use equipment, further expanding patient access and ultimately improving outcomes.”

EndoSound aims to make EUS safer and easier to use, as demonstrated by the elimination of the elevator’s difficult-to-clean moving parts and delivering a product for a fraction of existing prices. In May 2023, the company announced the initial closing of its Series A round financing.

Its partnership with AdaptivEndo intends to advance these efforts and create an even safer and more convenient option for patients and healthcare professionals by incorporating the patented advanced ultrasound technology into single-use endoscopes.

AdaptivEndo president Ed Fancher said: “Our collaboration with EndoSound signifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of endoscopic technology.

“By combining our expertise in single-use endoscopy with EndoSound’s revolutionary ultrasound technology, we aim to accelerate the time to market for both of our cutting-edge technologies.

“This partnership will reshape the endoscopy landscape, making advanced procedures more accessible and safer for patients.”