Eko has rolled out the SENSORA cardiac disease detection platform, which features artificial intelligence (AI) to identify structural murmurs and the Care Pathway Analytics software.

The US-based digital health company has designed the cardiovascular disease detection platform by combining applied machine learning with a stethoscope.

According to Eko, the platform uses digital stethoscopes to record and analyse electrical signals and heart sounds.

Eko co-founder and CEO Connor Landgraf said: “Our vision for SENSORA is to make cardiovascular disease detection simple and accurate in frontline care settings like primary care and urgent care.

“During a routine physical exam, patients can now have access to advanced structural murmur detection and arrhythmia assessment by their primary care physician in seconds, making early intervention possible for millions of patients with silent cardiovascular disease.

“We are making the world’s most universal medical exam objective and accurate.”

Eko said that SENSORA, which is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared, detects valvular heart disease (VHD) accurately and consistently in patients. The structural murmur detection platform brings a non-invasive heart disease detection method to primary care, said the company.

Furthermore, the company claimed that the chances of significant VHD detection is doubled when a primary care physician uses SENSORA for structural murmur detection.

SENSORA Care Pathway Analytics provides downstream visibility into patient flows, clinical outcomes, and patient economics by following patients with detected structural murmurs throughout the care continuum, the digital health company added.

Eko said that the software supports important decisions related to care and enhances patient and physician satisfaction. It detects care gaps to help increase operational efficiencies like decreased delays in care delivery, length of stay, and rates of readmission.

The US-based firm’s current portfolio now includes five FDA 510(k) cleared digital solutions.

Additionally, Eko has two new machine learning algorithms in development. These include a low ejection fraction detection algorithm (ELEFT) to detect a weak heart pump and an algorithm to detect and stratify pulmonary hypertension.