Varian Medical Systems has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for a surface beacon transponder to be used with the Varian Calypso system.

The surface beacon transponder will be used as a real-time tracking device capable of monitoring motion during radiotherapy treatments for indications anywhere in the body.

It is placed temporarily on the skin for real-time tracking of respiratory and other patient motion during radiotherapy, thereby expanding the number of cancer sites for which the Calypso technology can be used.

Varian’s Oncology Systems group vice president of marketing Chris Toth said their new surface transponder allows users to track patient motion in real-time during treatment.

"It can be placed on a patient’s chest wall to monitor respiratory motion during radiotherapy. It is designed to improve targeting in some of the most prevalent types of cancer, including breast cancer," Toth said.

Varian acquired Calypso in October 2011 to extend the company’s range of real-time tracking tools aimed at enhancing the precision of radiotherapy treatments.

Varian Medical Systems president and CEO Tim Guertin said these products are a perfect complement for Varian’s motion management technology, including the company’s TrueBeam platform and dynamic imaging tools for highly focused radiosurgery.

"Achieving 510(k) clearance for the Surface Beacon Transponder expands the range of applications for the Calypso ‘GPS for the body’ real-time tracking solution," Guertin said.