Breast cancer screening company Densitas has selected CancerIQ, a precision cancer prevention platform, to drive lifetime risk and patient adherence within its mammography quality artificial intelligence (AI) platform.

Under the partnership, Densitas will include CancerIQ’s Tyrer-Cuzick 8 risk calculator and the latter’s capabilities in care management and patient activation to expand its offering.

The AI-based breast cancer screening solutions provider will offer the Tyrer-Cuzick 8 risk calculator alongside its mammography quality AI platform. This will help clinicians in easy evaluation of patients’ lifetime risk and current state of breast health, Densitas said.

Additionally, the expanded offering is expected to create payer-supported risk-based care plans and offer patient education and navigation support to ensure long-term adherence.

Densitas founder and CEO Mo Abdolell said: “Our collaboration with CancerIQ reflects our commitment to furnishing care providers with best-in-class solutions for breast health.

“We are delighted to count CancerIQ with their industry-leading expertise and innovative familial and genetic risk platform that more than doubles adherence to screening, among our elite circle of premier industry partners, supporting the provision of peerless mammography quality and ultimately saving more lives.”

Densitas offers an AI-driven mammography quality assurance platform that includes intelliMammo and intelliMaven.

intelliMammo is based on deep learning and machine learning algorithms that evaluate breast density and clinical image quality for advanced analytics and workflow applications. This is enhanced by intelliMaven, which is a generative AI quality assurance programme.

According to Densitas, this integrated platform offers a comprehensive and scalable solution that enhances clinical trust, improves mammography quality, and increases operational efficiency.

The partnership is intended to provide healthcare professionals with a blended approach to breast health services and offer a platform for more in-depth, data-driven comprehension of patient risk profiles and mammography quality.

CancerIQ co-founder and CEO Feyi Ayodele said: “Our work with Densitas reflects our vision to further enhance the innovative AI offerings industry-leading partners bring to the breast density and mammography quality space.

“We’re thrilled to expand the CancerIQ family of partners to ensure more patients have access to genetically informed cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship care.”