DarioHealth, a leading, global digital therapeutics company, today announced that it has received a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office titled “Systems and Methods for Enabling Optical Transmission of Data Between a Sensor and a Smart Device.” The patent will allow Dario to develop paired smartphone devices that can collect and analyze real-time medical data and provide immediate and highly detailed, personalized data reports to the user. Once collected, this data can be shared with healthcare providers through the DarioEngage platform to facilitate digital health interventions based on the data analysis.

“Dario’s business and product strategy is guided by evidence that shows that increased user engagement and direct empowerment of individuals to manage their personal health leads to better medical outcomes,” said Erez Raphael,  DarioHealth’s chief executive officer. “As a result, our product innovation has continually focused on enhancing Dario’s user experience and developing new ways to integrate intelligent, medical device technology with the smartphone to make health and chronic condition management easy, affordable and convenient.”

DarioHealth’s digital therapeutics solutions are unique in that they capture and analyze members’ real-time, clinical data using a member’s smartphone and allow for full access and connectivity to that data at any time throughout the day, along with personalized daily and weekly health data reports. This provides Dario members a fully personalized, integrated and exceptionally convenient platform to manage their health throughout the day, and facilitates a heightened user experience, increased user engagement and improved clinical health outcomes.

As the future of healthcare becomes increasingly digitized and focused on empowering individuals to take control of their personal health, DarioHealth believes smartphones will serve as the primary conduit for health interventions and chronic condition management.

As a pioneer in the digital therapeutics industry, DarioHealth supports the evolution of iOS and Android mobile devices and continually seeks opportunities to use smartphones as the primary health management device, integrated with connected medical devices, rather than requiring users to purchase and use a secondary device that has to synchronize information with a smartphone, which is less convenient, effective and efficient.

DarioHealth plans to begin development of new paired smartphone medical devices in the coming year, which will further advance the company’s objective of providing highly effective, inexpensive and convenient digital therapeutic health solutions that empower individuals to best manage their chronic health conditions and improve their overall health.

Source: Company Press Release