Cobham Advanced Electronic Solutions (CAES), a leading provider of mission critical electronics for aerospace and defense, recently received a $48m contract to support the medical imaging industry, providing Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and product support. CAES ASICs have been a key technology in computed tomography scanners for nearly 20 years.

The radiation tolerant, mixed signal ASICs are located at the front end of the imaging systems and provide the critical low noise, high linearity performance required to reduce imaging artifacts.

“CAES is proud to support the men and women across the medical fields with our pioneering technology and be a source of innovation in electronics for this important industry,” said Mike Kahn, president and CEO, CAES.

“Leveraging our extensive pedigree designing and manufacturing electronics for challenging environments, we are excited to continue making a difference to our customers in medical imaging.”

CAES develops innovative digital and mixed-signal ASICs that perform in the harshest environments, including some of the most advanced space programs and medical radiology applications. With an extensive portfolio of intellectual property and design libraries as well as on-site design, packaging, testing and reliability analysis, CAES ASICs provide customers with world-class performance, the highest levels of reliability and very long-term availability.

Source: Company Press Release