Caretaker Medical, a leader in clinical-grade wireless patient monitoring and maker of the Caretaker wearable patient monitor that utilizes a simple Finger Sensor to remotely measure “Beat by Beat” Continuous Blood Pressure and multiple vital signs, announces Health Canada clearance for import and sale under the Covid-19 Medical Device Authorization.

The clearance authorises Caretaker to immediately begin sales throughout Canada to help clinicians safely monitor quarantine patients without ever entering the room, augment overburdened clinical resources, reduce the use of PPE, and enable safe “clinically distanced” monitoring.

The Caretaker® patient monitor measures continuous, uninterrupted Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, SpO2, and other Vital Signs across the full continuum of care in a completely wire-free form factor, allowing clinicians to remotely view ICU-Quality data while safely distanced from contagious patients.

Jeff Pompeo, President & CEO of Caretaker Medical, said, “Together with our distribution partner, MedTach, we are excited to bring Caretaker into the Canadian clinical market, to address the need for continuous, ICU-quality wireless patient monitoring remotely while maximizing safety of both patient and clinician.”

Greig Findley, MedTach President, added, “We are proud to partner with Caretaker Medical and are thrilled of the recent Health Canada licensing authorization. The Caretaker is a game-changer bringing the capability of a highly portable continuous blood pressure and vital signs monitoring system to patients inside and outside the hospital walls.”

The Caretaker wireless vital signs and continuous Beat-by-Beat remote monitoring platform is FDA Cleared, CE-Mark certified and is available for purchase from the company or its network of global distributors. Hospitals and clinics are successfully using Caretaker to wirelessly monitor Quarantined COVID-19 patients and also monitor patients across a wide range of clinical settings, including surgery, ICU, ER, EMS/Ambulance, dialysis, infusion, Labor & Delivery, clinical trials, and remote patient monitoring.

Source: Company Press Release

Source: Company Press Release