Cardio Diagnostics, a biotechnology company focused on cardiovascular diseases, has rolled out its blood-based test, PrecisionCHD, to detect coronary heart disease (CHD).

CHD is the most common type of heart disease and the primary cause of heart attacks.

The current CHD detection tests are mostly imaging-based, which expose patients to ionizing radiation and require highly specialised infrastructure and trained technicians.

The biotechnology company said that PrecisionCHD is the only detection technology that can easily integrate epigenetic and genetic biomarkers with AI.

The test requires only a simple blood sample, which can be conveniently obtained at a doctor’s office or at home and provides the test results for review within 10 business days.

PrecisionCHD is the second product from the company’s suite of AI-driven molecular cardiovascular disease technologies.

Cardio Diagnostics CEO Meesha Dogan said: “Health equity is a top priority for many leaders in healthcare. However, there are structural obstacles that must be recognised, and innovative care models driven by technology need to be embraced to make health equity a tangible reality.

“We are incredibly proud to democratise nationwide access to early detection of coronary heart disease, irrespective of one’s zip code or race. The technology to assess all Americans for heart disease remotely and conveniently at scale is now available nationwide.”

Cardio Diagnostics said that its Actionable Clinical Intelligence (ACI) platform will further enhance the PrecisionCHD test.

ACI provides clinicians with novel, data-driven insights in an easily comprehensible format, to help understand unique epigenetic and genetic molecular drivers of CHD for each patient.

PrecisionCHD is setting a new standard in the fight against cardiovascular disease, serving as a vital detection tool for personalised heart health management, said the company.

Mercy Technologies innovation vice president Damon Broyles said: “In my roles serving as a strategic advisor to Cardio Diagnostics as well as leading innovative change across a multi-state healthcare delivery network, I’ve always believed that cutting-edge healthcare developments should extend their reach to every corner of our society.

“The launch of PrecisionCHD is a giant leap in that direction. This unique technology tears down the legacy barriers in heart disease detection, making it not just a medical innovation but a tool for social justice and parity in better chronic disease management.

“For the first time, patient populations traditionally under-resourced have the same access to early detection of coronary heart disease as anyone else.

“This isn’t just about advancing medical technology – it’s about democratising health, transforming lives, and ultimately reshaping the healthcare landscape toward true equity.”