Canadian medical data company Canary Medical has rolled out its first orthopaedic analytic module, dubbed Canary Quantiles recovery curves.

The recovery curves will use data from the company’s implantable canturiote tibial extension sensor technology, integrated with Zimmer Biomet’s Persona IQ.

Persona IQ is a smart knee system that captures relevant gait metrics including functional knee range of motion (ROM), step count, and sampled average walking speed.

Together with canturiote tibial extension sensor technology, the smart knee system can now collect different activity measures and gait parameters for at least 10 years.

Canary Quantiles will provide data of each patient’s activity levels and knee kinematics by pooling multiple parameters across the Persona IQ patient population.

Also, it ranks each patient’s knee performance compared to their peers, based on age group, gender, and time since surgery, said the company.

Canary Medical founding member and chief executive officer Bill Hunter said: “Canary Quantiles Recovery Curves are another exciting example of our commitment to providing meaningful data and analysis to surgeons and their patients.

“Improvements in implanted sensors, power and transmission technologies enable more precise measurement and meaningful continuous monitoring to better understand and support patient post-operative care.

“We will soon expand the use of our implantable Canturio technology to other joints and implants, making Persona IQ the first of many Zimmer Biomet products that will benefit from the data our sensors provide.”

Canary Quantiles is said to be the world’s first and only monitoring tool that could compare a patient’s total knee replacement recovery with average population data obtained from their peers.

Persona IQ passively collects the data every day through the canturiote tibial extension sensor technology from the same anatomic location, without charging or replacement.

The automatic, at-home data collection and transmission would eliminate any additional compliance burdens and ensures data is regularly captured by canturiote.

Canary Medical is offering the Canary Quantiles recovery curves to all surgeons implanting Persona IQ from the dashboard in their Canary Medical account.

The company is providing free access to the Canary Quantiles for a limited time, as the features of the platform continue to expand.

Furthermore, Canary Medical intends the information in Canary Quantiles to be used for remote patient monitoring, to enable earlier identification of potential complications.

Canary Medical chief surgical officer Fred Cushner said: “High-quality functional information obtained between office visits could help detect problems earlier and mitigate the severity of these complex cases. The data in recovery curves provides a wealth of real-world data never before available.”

Zimmer Biomet global robotics and technology and data solutions president Liane Teplitsky said: “We are working together with Canary to introduce recovery curves to customers in order to better understand how this novel information is being used and displayed prior to full integration with Zimmer Biomet’s mymobility with Apple Watch platform, the primary user interface for Persona IQ data.”