Blackford, an imaging artificial intelligence (AI) platform and solutions provider, has forged an echocardiography AI partnership with Ligence Medical AI Solutions, a medical device company specialising in ultrasound diagnostics.

As part of the partnership, Ligence Medical AI Solutions’ Ligence Heart will be made available on the Blackford platform. This will enable clinicians to utilise AI in the analysis of transthoracic echocardiography.

Ligence Heart is a web-based, fully integrated suite for echocardiography analysis. It has been designed to help clinicians conduct comprehensive automated assessments of echocardiographic images shortly after they are taken.

The echocardiography analysis suite is CE-certified in the European Union (EU) and is presently awaiting clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

By recreating the actions undertaken by a cardiologist and sonographer, Ligence Heart autonomously executes all analytical procedures. This leads to substantial time reductions for each operation.

Once the AI analysis is finalised, users can either approve it or make necessary adjustments, said the parties.

Blackford CEO Ben Panter said: “Blackford is committed to delivering AI applications that broaden clinical and operational AI use cases and drive additional value for healthcare organisations.

“We are happy to be further expanding our cardiology portfolio through the partnership with Ligence.”

The Ligence Heart AI solution by delivering at least 30% faster study evaluation time for specific measurements, accelerates the daily workflow and is suitable for analysing large cohorts retrospectively, said the companies.

It is also said to provide fully automated morphometric measurements, easy integration with picture archiving and communication system (PACS), a precision rate of up to 94%, standardised reporting, and automated generation of echocardiography reports.

Ligence co-founder and business development manager Dovydas Matuliauskas said: “Through Blackford, customers are able to seamlessly evaluate and implement new AI tools.

“Ligence is excited to be partnering with Blackford to broaden customer access to Ligence Heart, which is a unique new AI application that automates echocardiography steps, reducing procedure time and standardising reporting.”