BioMech Health has announced a partnership with Independent Neurodiagnostic Clinic (INC) to open the first BioMech Clinical Motion Lab in Atlanta, Georgia, US to speed up the recovery of traumatically injured patients.

The partnership is intended to deliver advanced clinical motion analytics to advance the treatment of patients.

Under the collaboration, Independent Neurodiagnostic Clinic will use BioMech’s advanced technological platform, BioMech Lab, powered by its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning platform, This will enable motions to be used as a functional biomarker and endpoint for various treatments.

According to BioMech Health, the motion lab enables doctors to quantitatively measure and track the pre- and post-treatment performance of patients to choose the best course of action and monitor progress to enhance recovery.

Additionally, the system offers biofeedback in real-time at any time or place to aid with rehabilitation.

BioMech Health CEO Carter Brown said: “Our technology’s capability to monitor a patient’s function in office and then at the patient’s home over a period of time is a catalyst for change in healthcare – signifying cost savings for patients and payers.

“Because BioMech Lab can set baselines in the office and then monitor a patient’s progress at home, physicians can actively ascertain patient progress without having to incur the inconvenience and costs of an office visit.”

Located at the Palisades at West Paces, the BioMech Clinical Motion Lab offers access to services like neurology, speech pathology, neuropsychiatry, physiatry, and orthopaedics/spine.

The multidisciplinary motion lab, which will be available to clinicians in the surrounding area, aims to aid patients by regaining function as they get treatment.

With wireless, non-intrusive, self-calibrating technology, the system instantaneously gathers and broadcasts three-dimensional motion data from a single or several sensors, BioMech Health said.

Independent Neurodiagnostic Clinic director LD Empting said: “INC and BioMech are partnering to optimise the best of ‘Classical Old School Medicine’ by combining it with state-of-the-art quantitative medical technology to produce measurable outcomes.

“The BioMech Clinical Motion Lab helps us do that by providing the tools, visualisations and data needed to reprogram neural pathways and eliminate maladaptive motion patterns that inhibit achieving fuller functional recoveries.”