Biobeat, an Israel-based developer of medical grade sensors, has installed the continuous vital signs monitoring platform in 11 hospitals across the country, and plans to install more in the next week.

The company said that all the hospitals across Israel are prepared with designated isolation units for coronavirus patients.

In addition, Biobeat is also working together with various authorities in the country to monitor home hospitalised patients. The firm is offering an advanced tracking solution to assess the medical condition and deterioration of the patients.

Biobeat said that its advanced platform will facilitate continuous monitoring using a wireless, medical grade, non-invasive optical sensor.

Biobeat monitoring device will automatically transmit data to the cloud in real-time

The sensor is capable of measuring 16 different vital signs including cuffless blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, stroke volume, cardiac output, systemic vascular resistance and temperature, through a single, small wearable device.

In addition, the device automatically transmits the data in real-time to the cloud, allows access for the medical staff from anywhere, and provides alerts when a relevant change is detected.

The company said that the platform will reduce the direct contact between patients and health care providers, and contributes for the reduction of risk for secondary exposure of the medical teams.

Biobeat chief medical officer Arik Eisenkraft said: “This is the first time we can closely monitor individuals while keeping our healthcare providers safe without compromising the medical support they provide.

“We intend to use the valuable data gathered from monitored subjects to analyze the influence of the virus on humans and the effectiveness of the medical treatments given.”