Biedermann Motech has announced the introduction of a new MOSS VRS MIS pedicle screw system for advanced less invasive surgery in the US.

Featuring k-wireless percutaneous implant delivery with an all-in-one screw inserter, the MOSS VRS MIS system is developed to minimise surgical steps and significantly streamline the surgical workflow.

The surgeons can use the integrated MOSS Modularity system to place the pedicle screw shafts first and then attach the modular MOSS VRS MIS tulip heads, thereby improving the visibility and the surgical field.

The MOSS VRS MIS platform integrates Next Generation Pedicle Screw Technology, which enables the surgeon to lock the polyaxial angle of the pedicle screw at any angle, at any time during surgery.

It is said to provide surgeons intraoperative real-time options with a single and highly functional implant, as well as facilitates to use advanced less invasive correction techniques.

Biedermann Motech president and CEO Markku Biedermann said: “We believe that the MOSS VRS MIS System, with its unmatched combination of k-wireless implant insertion, full modularity and next generation locking functionality will significantly raise the bar on what can be expected from a percutaneous pedicle screw system.”

The MOSS VRS MIS system’s technologies are licenced from Biedermann Technologies GmbH, and are exclusively available via Biedermann Motech.

Biedermann Motech works with healthcare professionals, technology partners, scientific institutions and specialised companies to develop, manufacture and distribute quality implant systems.

In September 2018, Biedermann Motech announced the introduction of the iMAS 360 procedure, a mini-open, microsurgical 360 fusion procedure for the lumbar spine.