Berry Global Group, a provider of patient-centered healthcare solutions, has unveiled plans to construct a second manufacturing facility and global healthcare centre of excellence in Bangalore, India.

Proposed to be built adjacent to the firm’s existing Bangalore operation, the new facility will allow Berry to expand its research and development (R&D) expertise.

It will enable the company to scale up production in various healthcare sectors such as ophthalmic, nasal pumps, inhalation, and injectable administrations.

The enhanced capacity will also help Berry to optimise its supply in India and across South Asia.

Berry aims to focus on its current position in inhalation devices, including models with digital capabilities and the next generation of injectable devices.

The company also targets to launch innovations in nasal and ophthalmic spray pumps and healthcare packaging for different products.

Berry’s new facility will also feature a dedicated R&D centre of excellence, in addition to precision manufacturing equipment.

The company plans to start the construction of the new facility this year. It also plans to complete site validation and begin production by the summer of 2023.

Berry Global chairman and CEO Tom Salmon said: “Investing in our global healthcare business in Bangalore is a significant step in supporting our pharmaceutical, over-the-counter, and medical device customers aligned to forecasted market needs.

“During the pandemic, we’ve learned that strategically placed facilities across the world provide efficient localized support for customers of any size. We believe this investment significantly benefits the India and South Asia patient populations.”

The company’s existing Bangalore facility has International Sustainability and Carbon Certificate (ISCC) Plus accreditation.

It enables the company to sell ISCC certified packaging and plastic components, which support circular economy approach based on advanced recycling and mass balance.

Opened in 2009, the existing Bangalore Berry Healthcare facility produces ophthalmic and child-resistant closures and the Risdrop user-independent eye drop.