Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) has introduced BD Prevue II System, an advanced ultrasound device that features a specialised probe to provide clinicians with optimal IV placement.

The device features the BD Cue Needle Tracking System, which offers high-quality ultrasound images of the needle trajectory and is compatible with BD Cue Needle Tracking-enabled catheters.

The medical technology company said that the new BD Prevue II System will address an unmet need in IV access through real-time needle depth markers.

BD medication delivery solutions worldwide president Eric Borin said: “Difficult IV access remains far too common today, but the availability of the BD Prevue II System supports a future where every needlestick has a predefined pathway for successful placement.

“BD is advancing the vision of a ‘One-Stick Hospital Stay,’ and first-stick success is the first requirement to fulfil that vision.

“First-stick success also reduces the pain and anxiety patients often experience while undergoing multiple IV access attempts and provides clinicians with IV workflow efficiencies and confidence.”

According to BD, more than 90% of hospitalised patients receive IV therapy through a peripheral IV catheter, with nearly two-thirds of them having vessels that are difficult to access.

The situation often results in additional needlesticks, vessel damage and infiltration into the surrounding tissue.

The company said that its BD Prevue II system is designed with clinician-friendly features to help expand the use of ultrasound in IV placement.

It offers a specialised probe designed to help reduce the learning curve, allowing clinicians to use the technology without changing their current insertion technique or field of view.

Furthermore, BD said that the availability of its BD Prevue II System will further drive the company’s One-Stick Hospital Stay vision to help reduce unnecessary needlesticks.