Barco’s renowned multimodality display for radiologists, Coronis Fusion, now comes with calibrated and consistent color, improved energy efficiency, and lightweight design, along with clinical tools to increase accuracy and decrease reading times. This year at RSNA, booth 1329, Barco will showcase the new Coronis Fusion 6MP and 4MP solutions.

What makes the new Coronis Fusion displays so exceptional?

“Since Barco introduced the first 6MP display in 2006, the Coronis Fusion has been the leading solution used by radiologists for multimodality imaging. The new Coronis Fusion displays add capabilities to support today and tomorrow’s challenges in radiology. With these new features, the Coronis Fusion will remain the preferred display for many years to come,” stated Geert Carrein, VP of Diagnostic Imaging for Barco Healthcare.

The Coronis Fusion 4MP and 6MP offer impeccable image quality thanks to the highest contrast (2000:1) and calibrated luminance (600 cd/m²). With a wide color gamut in combination with the unique SteadyColor calibration technology, radiologists can see even more colors and accurate details on the 30-inch screens.

The new ergonomically optimized displays enable agile workflow and enhance radiologist’s productivity. The wide viewing angle combined with the SoftGlow task and wall light help reduce eye strain, and thanks to SpotView, radiologists can further improve detection accuracy as well as reading productivity.

The latest Coronis Fusion 4MP (MDCC-4430) and 6MP (MDCC-6530) again raise the bar for the diagnostic display industry. The improved technical specifications and advanced features offer valuable benefits to radiologists, PACS administrators, and QA technicians. Designed for comfort and to boost productivity to support the growing radiology workload, Coronis Fusion comes with smart image-enhancing features and clinical workflow tools.

Included with the Coronis Fusion display systems is the QAWeb quality assurance and compliance solution to ensure maximum uptime and effortless compliance in a regulatory landscape that continues to become more complex. Barco medical display systems include exclusive display controllers that are validated with the latest workstations and with all major PACS applications.

Sustainability completes the full package of excellent features; the new Coronis Fusion displays have the lowest environmental footprint in the industry thanks to energy efficiency, lightweight design, and smart design.

Source: Company Press Release