ATCOR Medical, a subsidiary of Australian health technology company CardieX, has teamed up with the US-based eClinical technology firm Datacubed Health to widen access to healthcare.

CardieX is engaged in developing advanced medical devices and digital solutions to personalise healthcare and improve clinical trial patient outcomes.

Under the partnership, ATCOR and Datacubed Health will jointly conduct trial monitoring and unveil a unique patient-centric trial model to enhance the patient experience.

Their patient-centric trial model is said to enhance the clinical trial experience by personalising the patient journey and advancing patient access across therapeutic areas.

The partnership will leverage the CONNEQT Pulse, an FDA-approved vascular biomarker device developed by CardieX’s subsidiary CONNEQT Health.

CONNEQT Pulse deploys SphygmoCor technology to non-invasively provide advanced arterial health biomarkers.

CardieX Group CEO Craig Cooper said: “A core focus area of ATCOR has always been in clinical trials, and the partnership with Datacubed Health expands the reach of our SphygmoCor digital vascular biomarkers into decentralised trials with the CONNEQT Pulse.”

ATCOR Medical clinical trials partnerships managing director Kimberly Tully said: “We are thrilled to partner with Datacubed Health and expand what is possible to elevate the patient experience and unlock the power of our digital vascular biomarkers as tools to monitor patient safety. Together we are truly personalising decentralised trials.”

The integration of Pulse with the Datacubed Health Platform enables patients and clinicians to monitor patient health and maintain patient engagement to improve trial retention.

Pulse can be easily used by patients to track digital biomarkers and send customised alerts to study clinicians during clinical trials, helping them manage and reduce adverse events.

Clinicians can interact in an unscheduled virtual visit within a few minutes of the alert with the patient actively self-reporting symptoms within the Datacubed Health Platform.

The elevated patient engagement through care management often advances patient enrolment, increases patient adherence, and improvement in patient outcomes in a trial.

The customised alerts, programmed to simultaneously notify both the patient and study clinician, will deliver patient safety and enables clinicians to intervene prior to an adverse event.

Datacubed Health CEO Brett Kleger said: “As digital biomarkers become more prominent in clinical research, and their value more widely recognized, we are excited to partner with a fellow pioneer such as ATCOR.

“With our integrated remote trial solution, we can not only improve retention rates, but also facilitate greater positive outcomes for patients and clinicians alike.

“With clinical endpoints growing rapidly, we’re proud to be able to streamline clinical endpoint collection in a single mobile application.”