Texas-based original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Aspenstate has secured approval from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its AiRTouch portable x-ray system.

The FDA approval allows to use of AiRTouch portable x-ray system in human medical applications.

AiRTouch is said to be a simple and effective front-line tool designed to capture chest x-rays for the diagnosis of Covid-19 disease.

Aspenstate claims that the AiRTouch device has a unique list of capabilities that help fight battle against Covid-19 disease.

The AiRTouch device allows screening centres to rapidly process high volumes of patients

With lightweight, handheld design and high-performance battery capabilities, the AiRTouch device enables screening centres to rapidly process high volumes of patients.

AiRTouch device holds the capacity to capture images directly to the device and wirelessly transmit to PACS through the built-in workstation.

According to the company, the portability of the device is beneficial for drive-through screening centres in South Korea.

Livermoretech Korea, a parent company of Aspenstate, has developed the AiRTouch devices that is installed with an all-in-one PC, which loads the customer’s acquisition software.

AiRTouch’s battery holds the capacity to charge within two hours and capture up to 300 exposures on a single charge.

The built-in PC enables remote diagnostics and service, as well as allows to maximise the uptime of the equipment.

The device can also be used in other applications, including imaging for urgent care, ambulances, sports medicine, extremities, dental, veterinary and equine purposes.

Aspenstate vice president and COO David Lee said: “Our clients have noticed a dramatic increase in capacity and the ability to move patients through quickly and efficiently.

“They find that the device is very simple to use, and the integrated software and portable features allow them to work outside of the limitations of traditional x-ray solutions.”

In April, Lungpacer Medical secured FDA EUA status for its novel Diaphragmatic Pacing Therapy System (DPTS) to immediately treat in patients on invasive mechanical ventilators at high risk of weaning failure, including Covid-19 patients.