Medical devices maker Ambu has introduced a new single-use cystoscope to improve workflow and optimise productivity benefits.

The new single-use cystoscope, dubbed Ambu aScope 4 Cysto, will help urologists to efficiently conduct procedures such as bladder cancer surveillance, stent removal and other common cystoscopy procedures.

Ambu has claimed that the new aScope 4 Cysto also allows the company to enter into a large new market segment.

The new cystoscope from Ambu will help urologists to better manage their schedules

The new cystoscope will enable urologists to better manage their schedules, as well as other issues such as availability, reprocessing and costly repairs.

Ambu CEO Juan Jose Gonzalez said: “Urologists will now have immediate access to a high-quality scope that eliminates reprocessing and repairs.

“A urologist opens the package and immediately has a new scope offering peak performance with full articulation. They don’t have to wait and worry whether a scope will be available or whether it will work properly.”

According to the company, the aScope 4 Cysto allows organisations to minimise costs on cleaning supplies, maintenance and repairs.

Ambu is also boosting manufacturing activities to offer aView 2 Advance single-use endoscope solution in multiple flexible endoscopy segments, including pulmonology, ENT, urology and gastroenterology.

Recently, the company has also launched its aView 2 high-definition monitor, which can be used by pulmonologists, ENTs, urologists, thoracic surgeons, intensive care specialists and other specialists who conduct endoscopy procedures.

Ambu US marketing vice president Jens Kemp said: “The Cystoscope is a multi-purpose tool used by all urologists; therefore, we are excited to introduce the aScope 4 Cysto which affords urologists excellent imaging, smooth maneuverability, and consistent performance every time.”

In January, Pentax Medical secured 510(k) clearance from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its IMAGINA endoscopy system.