Alverno Laboratories and Ibex Medical Analytics have signed a new multi-year, multi-tissue agreement for expanding the deployment of the latter’s Galen suite of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the entire network of the former in the US states of Illinois and Indiana.

Ibex Medical Analytics is an AI-powered cancer diagnostics solutions provider, while Alverno Laboratories offers diagnostic testing services and has an integrated laboratory network in the US.

The deployment covers AI-powered solutions for cancer diagnosis across various types of tissues to support the pathologists of Alverno Laboratories.

Under the new agreement, the diagnostic testing services provider will make Ibex Medical Analytics’ solutions available to all pathologists across its network. This includes over 30 hospital laboratories and is claimed to cover more than eight million patients’ lives annually in Indiana and Illinois.

Alverno Laboratories CEO and president Sam Terese said: “Alverno will expand the reach of Ibex’s AI technology across our network, providing the most innovative tools to our team of pathologists. With an increasing demand for high-quality cancer testing, Alverno continues to invest in technology to support our growth while remaining focused on high quality patient care.

“Our partnership with Ibex enables Alverno to offer a new level of care to the physicians who treat their patients in our communities, and that is aligned with our mission to continually improve the delivery of quality diagnostic data and laboratory service to our partners and caregivers.”

The Galen suite of solutions will support pathologists in a range of tasks during routine review of breast, gastric, and prostate biopsies. These include prioritisation of cases, AI-powered detection and reporting of cancer, and in streamlining immunohistochemistry (IHC) workflows, and driving other productivity-improvement tools.

Ibex Medical Analytics US sales head Justin McCarthy said: “We look forward to our continued collaboration with Alverno, providing its team of expert pathologists with the most advanced AI-powered solutions and supporting diverse patient communities across rural, suburban and large-metro populations.

“With over 100,000 new cancer cases expected in the Midwest region in 20236, Ibex is committed to advancing the implementation of AI in pathology to support the growing demand for quality diagnostics.”