Alverno would fully implement digital pathology in its clinical laboratories using Philips IntelliSite Pathology Solution to handle all clinical histology cases digitally, replacing traditional use of microscope, to improve laboratory efficiency, quality, and patient safety.

Pathology plays a key role in disease detection, particularly with cancer diagnosis, where abnormal tissue samples are investigated to determine the tissue malignancy and consequent treatment decision enabled.

Philips said that its IntelliSite Pathology Solution is an automated system that enables digital pathology images creation, viewing, and management using ultra-fast Scanner, image management system and display for clinical IVD use.

In addition, the solution comprises advanced software tools to manage scanning, storage, presentation, reviewing, and sharing of images.

Philips said that its IntelliSite Pathology Solution marks the first digital pathology solution marketed for primary diagnostic use in the US, for all FFPE surgical pathology slides, including H&E, special stains and immunohistochemistry.

Philips digital &computational pathology general manager Marlon Thompson said: “The digitalization of pathology provides an opportunity to radically change the sector and remove daily obstacles that hinder pathologists via traditional microscopy.

“With digital pathology and the application of adaptive intelligence, we aim to help pathologists increase collaboration, boost efficiency and enable more accurate and precise diagnoses.”

Alverno is one of the wide-ranged pathology laboratories in the Midwest and manages 33 hospital laboratories, providing laboratory services to two freestanding emergency departments and number of physician offices.

The company handles more than 142,000 histological cases each year which indicates more than 1,100,000 slides of human tissue. Previously all the slides are prepared, analyzed through a microscope, while digitizing the process is expected to ease collaboration across sites and reduce costs.

Alverno Laboratories CEO Sam Terese said: “Alverno is committed to ensuring our patients and clinical colleagues receive the fastest, most effective and best-informed diagnoses possible by employing the latest technology innovations. Digital pathology enables enhanced cooperation and access to sub-specialists, helping us improve turnaround times and ultimately advancing our goal of saving lives.”

Philips said that supporting the transition to digital workflows helps pathology laboratories simplify access to histopathology information and implement more efficient workflows.