US-based wearable technology company Alio has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for its remote monitoring system, Alio SmartPatch.

Alio technology is intended for use by clinicians to obtain physiological data like skin temperature, auscultation sound data and heart rate in home-use settings.

It is capable of sharing the clinical data with healthcare professionals for better patient care along with real-time, 24/7, non-invasive remote patient monitoring benefits, said Alio.

The firm said the SmartPatch can be helpful for patients with chronic conditions by giving real-time clinical-grade data to enable greater insights for patients and healthcare teams.

Inova Vascular director and chairman of the department of surgery Richard Neville said: “Remote patient monitoring is by no means a new concept in the patient care landscape but advancements in the technology that’s deployed have lagged behind.

“Patients should be able to benefit from the latest innovations technology has to offer. The Alio clearance is a step in the right direction in terms of ushering in a new era of remote patient monitoring.”

Alio is currently undergoing clinical trials to evaluate additional indications for use in remote patient monitoring of electrolytes, fluid management, and fistula status, as well as specific patient populations with conditions like end-stage kidney disease, patients undergoing haemodialysis, and patients with heart failure and peripheral vascular disease.

Alio chief executive officer David Kuraguntla said: “Alio is driven by innovation. Since the founding of Alio, we have always known that remote patient monitoring with Alio can improve patient outcomes and increase the likelihood of a better quality of life at a lower cost to the healthcare system.

“We are thrilled to have reached this important milestone as a company, it truly makes our vision feel even closer to reality.”