Aldatu Biosciences has announced that its PANDAA (Pan Degenerate Amplification and Adaptation) qDx SARS-CoVar test kit detects different variant lineage-defining mutations.

According to the company, its variant genotyping test is capable of differentiating between Omicron, Delta, and other variants of concern.

The test uses a combination of fluorescent probes in two multiplex PANDAA reactions, to accurately differentiate variants of concern down to 100 copies/ml.

It works based on the principle that each of the variants of concern has a distinct fluorescent signature.

Aldatu CBO Mike Henry said: “Our focused genotyping approach of the S gene of CoV-2 is faster and more affordable than sequencing if you wish to know which strain of the virus is present in an individual or a population.”

“Our test is fast, delivering fast results in less than 1-hour from RNA, highly sensitive, and available for purchase now. And, in response to the current testing needs, we can guarantee 24-hour shipping.

“The test is platform agnostic, meaning it is compatible with sample prep and qPCR platform in most labs.”

Established in 2014, Aldatu Biosciences is an early-stage biotechnology company specialised in adaptive PCR-based diagnostics.

The company is focused on diagnostic solutions for emerging diseases, including Covid-19, along with advanced diagnostic tools based on its PANDAA platform.

PANDAA is a high-throughput, low-cost technology that facilitates development of rapid diagnostic tests for infectious diseases.

Aldatu’s pipeline contains products for SARS-CoV-2, Lassa virus, and drug-resistant HIV variants, and its PANDAA platform improves healthcare access and outcomes for patient.